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Name:Abel Nightroad
Birthdate:Jun 23
Abel Nightroad

Name: Abel Nightroad

Age: While he physically appears to be a young man around his mid twenties or so, Abel is roughly about 975 years old.

Height: 6'3"

Occupation: Priest, Agent of AX, Code name "Crusnik"

Weapons: Modified pistol with silver bullets

About the Character
Abel, on the outside, appears to be a clumsy, addle headed, well meaning young man with a bottomless stomach. Poor with money, he tends to spend his small monthly stipend on things like fine food and expensive candy rather than anything that'll last, and while he is a very polite man, he can be socially awkward as well. Lazy, prone to forgetting things and sometimes even downright unreliable, Abel can be both adorable and charming, obnoxious and frustrating.

However, most of what he does is only a facade. Abel is actually a very apt strategist, and can be cold blooded or downright cruel in a fight. He often masks his abilities behind clumsiness, 'accidentally' stumbling into someone to move them out of the way, 'tripping' to avoid a blow and other such tactics. He's a pacifist almost to the end, preferring to either talk things out first, or even retreat, rather than have an outright physical fight. Having taken a vow never to kill, he hardly ever fires his gun with the intent on destroying, just hindering for long enough to either make an escape or a capture.

Beneath all of it, he considers himself alone, and seals off his past and real self from others, even friends. Despite this, those he deems as friends, close or not, he becomes fiercely loyal to. As well, Abel is rather easily emotionally manipulated, this perhaps stemming from his own underlying guilt.

Mixed with this though is a serious stubborn streak and something of a violent temper if finally pushed past his limit. Abel does things the way he believes is best, and it's difficult to make him change his mind when he has it set on something. He'll find some way to accomplish what he feels he has to do, usually through trickery. His rage is something that, while rare, is frightening to behold, even when he isn't in the form of the Crusnik.

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